Telling a girl she’s pretty while refusing to be seen with her in public is a form of body shaming.

Its our responsibility as women to think highly of ourselves and hold ourselves to a higher standard. These closet chubby chasers do hurtful/shameful things to big girls because we let them. If we all banded together and said, no… we refuse to be your midnight girlfriend/pillow buddy/anonymous pen pal, then maybe… just maybe guys would cut it out.


Dear Closet Chubby Chasers& Go Away!

"For me, taking “skinny” out of the equation is changing my definition of success. I’ve spent half of my life obsessed with a body ideal that I’m pretty sure isn’t for me. If I keep focusing on skinny, I’ll always feel like a failure, but as I focus on healthy, I feel like I can set attainable goals for myself. Instead of a number on the scale or a pants size, success to me is doing the right things for my body (fitness/food/self care) and loving my body every step of the way."

My Shift from “Get Skinny” to “Get Healthy” | #PSPfit Cycle 3

Not quite ready to wear a legit crop top, but I’ll fake it for now… Happy Spring!



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